Digital Printing

For customers setting up new artwork, Digital Printing can be more cost effective than screen-printed decals if your order is small and/or if your decal has many colors (because of the set up charges associated with screen printing).

Digital Printing Pros:

Please Look At This Example of the Difference!

Digitally Printed Decals are GREAT for very complex designs!

Digital Printing

How to Order Digitally Printed Decals


All digitally printed decals require a $50 setup charge.

High quality PDF, TIFF, or JPEG files are needed digital decal setup.

If your artwork is less than 300 DPI at printed size there will be a $40 art clean-up charge.

Send all art files to, with contact information and any questions you have about the process. 

After artwork is submitted visit the following link for Ordering procedure.


Digitally printed decals are $3.00 per application. (Added to price of Ceramic)

Color Scale

Color Scale