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Preserving heritage, tradition and legacy in every
ceramic product we make.



Create something to preserve your special moments with high quality ceramics and glassware.

Military Style Mugs

We have printing options for any size organization, a curated selection of stock decals, and the ability to personalize each mug.


Ornamental beer steins that serve as souvenirs or collectibles.

High-Volume Glassware

Display your custom graphics with guests, family, or for large celebrations and other gatherings.

Collectibles & Gifts

Commemorate accomplishments and occasions with ceramic products that will preserve your message for generations.

Wingings and Graduations

For more information contact us at orders@ajmugs.com

Mug Clubs

For more information contact us at orders@ajmugs.com

how it works

ordering process

Our products are made to order. Once you’re ready to begin, we are here to help walk you through the process and ensure you receive your products in a timely manner. 

Choose your product & set up your artwork



Enjoy your order!

Who we are


Rich History

A & J Mugs has been in continuous business since 1953. A&J was started by two men, William Abbott and Harold Jones, with a desire to provide the Pensacola-area military personnel with personalized ceramic-ware.  We have grown into a small company serving customers worldwide. We proudly serve military personnel, police officers, firemen, restaurants, breweries, bars, businesses, and individuals alike. 

We still practice the time-honored art of hand-screen-printed waterslide ceramic decals. We use the finest ceramic inks and precious metals available in creating our decals. All of our ceramics are hand-decorated which allows our customers the ability to create one-of-kind pieces and the flexibility to order as many pieces as needed.  

Unique products

We specialize in highly customized ceramic ware.  


  • Each piece customized individually
  • One-time setup fees: art is kept on file for life
  • Digital printing and screen printing options
  • Great morale builder for military squadrons, teams, offices, or any other group
  • Create a “mug club” to boost customer loyalty (JG: and participation) at your bar, restaurant, brewery, or coffee shop!

We can help


Rest assured that we are here to support you throughout the ordering process. We will be proud of the product we deliver to you and want to make sure you feel the love we put in to our craft.



Attention MilArt Customers: Transition to A&J Mug Shop begins with the setup of any custom graphics for your organization, conversion to our existing products and stock decals, and use of an A&J Mug Shop order form. The information you need to begin is contained in this website. Please take a few moments to review it before contacting us.

All lead times are estimated and may be extended.