our process

We combine time-tested traditional techniques with cutting edge technology to provide ultimate customization and quality.

our process

printing techniques


We meticulously bring your image to life with custom mixed inks printed one color at a time. A & J Mugs’ screen-printing technique is done 100% by hand and requires years of practice to master. Only the finest onglaze colors, mediums, and tools are used in our process. Equal parts art and science, we have perfected our screen-printing process to create brightly colored, high-gloss ceramic decals.


Digital printing allows our ceramics to be customized with almost any image or graphic. Even photographs can be converted into decals by our digital printers. Our digital printers print decals in two different color spectrums. This process continues to evolve, and we plan to keep pace with the rapid advances in digital printer technology.

screen printing vs. digital printing

Not sure which method is right for your mug?  Contact us at art@ajmugs.com to receive more information.

hand decorating

Our decorators customize your ceramics one decal at a time armed with nothing more than a squeegee, a pair of scissors, and a clean cloth. We exclusively use water-slide decals which allow us the flexibility to create truly unique ceramics. Because our decals are printed to paper, we have the ability to store a large inventory of both custom and stock decals. The decorating process transforms your order form into beautiful hand-crafted, custom ceramics.

clear coating

The last step in our printing process is covering the inks with a flexible plastic coating we call “clear coat.” This clear coat keeps the inks that form your image together on the decal paper when image is transferred from the decal paper to your ceramic of choice. The clear coat burns off during the firing process.


Using up to six different kilns, we have options when it comes to “firing” our ceramic and glass products. Firing technically “bakes” the decals into your chosen product. We can use our full-size kilns to get your bulk order completed or we can use our smallest kiln to fire a single item . We have fine-tuned our firing process to include custom programming to bring out the best in our decals. ”Firing is the final step in the process and all of our products must endure this 1500 degree scorcher.

Gold banding

This seems easy until you try it! We gold band our ceramics in-house using nothing but a paint brush and a hand-powered banding wheel. We are proud to offer the highest quality gold-banded ceramic products.


Attention MilArt Customers: Transition to A&J Mug Shop begins with the setup of any custom graphics for your organization, conversion to our existing products and stock decals, and use of an A&J Mug Shop order form. The information you need to begin is contained in this website. Please take a few moments to review it before contacting us. All lead times are estimated and may be extended.