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1. Start your order

Pricing Breakdown:

Screenprinting :  Customers with screen printed logo.

  • Advertised price of product includes one squadron/unit logo
  • Additional “Stock Decals” (wings, ranks, aircraft, ect…) are $3 each
  • Lettering is $3.00 per line per side
  • Custom handle decals (setup with all new screen printed logos) available for beer steins are $3 each.

Digitally Printed Decals :   Customers with digitally printed logo.

  • $3 per digital decal application (Added to price of Ceramic)
  • The same product, lettering, and extra decal prices apply to mugs decorated with digitally printed decals, except that no decals are included in the price of the product, and there is no custom handle design. 

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If we already have your artwork on file, you can move on to step two. If not, our art department will be happy to help you. Just send us the best graphic file(s) you have to and we will assist you.

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2. Send us your order form

Please download and fill out the order form below, then send it over to us at We will review all of the details of your order and follow up with you within 2 business days.

Ordering Tips: 

Accurately and completely filling out the order form is the best way to ensure prompt and accurate orders!

Due to space limitations on some coffee cups and steins, we reserve the right to use our artistic license and experience to create an aesthetically pleasing ceramic piece. 

The front of the mug is considered facing away from the drinker when the handle is held in the right hand, and the back design faces the drinker when the handle is held in the right hand. 

3. Pay your invoice

Watch your inbox for a QuickBooks invoice of the total cost including shipping and any applicable one-time setup/artwork fees. You can submit payment via the link in the email. We accept all major credit/debit cards, checks, cash and money orders.

4. Production

Typical turn around times are 6 to 8 weeks for orders with new artwork setups, and 15 to 20 working days for orders with existing artwork on file. 

We offer a rush service which adds a fee of 20% of your invoice total ($15 min. fee). Rush orders are typically completed in about a week, plus shipping time. *

*Rush Service is not available on orders requiring new artwork setups.

If you have a specific deadline for your order, make sure to let us know as early as possible.

5. Enjoy your Order!

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frequently asked questions

All orders for personalized mugs must be submitted using our A&J Mug Shop Order Form. This requires the ability to modify a Microsoft Excel document and email it to orders. You can request a blank order from by email at, or download a copy from our website (form linked above).

 Our order form is your opportunity to communicate directly with our decorators. For the best accuracy and efficiency, a complete entry for each unique, individual mug of your order should be included on your order form. Each mug entry should be complete including Product ID, Quantity and Font Preference. If you want a certain space on the mug to be blank, simply leave that field empty.

The order form itself includes instructions for how we divide the decorating areas of our mugs. We will capitalize lettering as you have it entered on the order form unless you request Old English as the font. We will convert Old English lettering to Title Case unless All Caps is specifically requested in the comments field. We do not recommend Old English in all caps (unless it’s an abbreviation or rank), as it can be difficult to read.

Stock decals must be requested using the decal number that is published on our website. These numbers sometimes change, so please verify that the number you enter on our order form corresponds to the image that you want. Our decorators go only by the decal number, even if a decal description is provided. We will not be able to replace a mug when the decal number entered on the order form does not match the description.

If it is impossible for you to manage an Excel document, contact us and we will create a solution to place personalized orders for mugs. We are not able to take personalized orders over the phone.

To ensure efficiency and accuracy for our decorators, we request that all orders are filled out using our order form.

For new, custom, multi-color screen printed graphics, we request a minimum initial order of 25 pieces, in any combination of our various ceramic products. There is no minimum order after your first order is complete, and no minimum for digital decal setup.

Send us the best graphics file you can find of the custom artwork you want to put on a mug. We can put any digital image on a mug, but for best results, vector-based graphics are preferred. File types that support vector graphics include, .ai, .eps, .svg, and sometimes .pdf. A file in this format does not guarantee it is vector based, but send it to us, and we can review the file.

If vector graphics are not available, pixel-based images such as .jpg and .png files can be sent. We prefer high resolution images with dimensions of at least 800 pixels high or wide. If you are searching the web for an image, use the tools provided in search engines to restrict your search results to “Large” images.

We can put any digital image on a mug that is supported by Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office or Apple iWork Suite. The general quality of an image that you provide will have a direct impact on the final quality of your mug.

Yes, we have printing options to accommodate almost any size organization. Once we see the custom graphics you want on a mug, we can help find the right setup for you.

Up front, one-time setup fees can range from $60 to $500 depending on the type of setup, and the details of your logo or image. Email your art files to for a setup quote.

We can put any digital image on a mug that is supported by Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office or Apple iWork Suite. The general quality of an image that you provide will have a direct impact on the final quality of your mug.

We offer a curated selection of stock images for a wide range of military insignia. Reach out to us if you feel like something is missing, and we can help you find it, or consider adding it to our collection.

Size adjustments cannot be made at the time we are decorating your order. If requested images do not fit in the decorating area, our decorators will make adjustments to the locations of your decals to produce the most aesthetically pleasing presentation of your mug. Please indicate in the comments field which images have greater significance when you request multiple images in the same decorating area.

We are willing to decorate ceramics or glassware that you bring in or send to us. Keep in mind that anything you bring us will need to be able to survive the kiln firing process. Mugs with mixed materials, or leaded crystal will not work in our kilns.

There is no character limit on lines of lettering; However, all lines of lettering are condensed to 3”, so extremely long lines are harder to read.

New Century School Book or Old English

We only use black lettering.

We list all of our available ceramic products on the website. We are not able to process custom orders on black mugs, or any other colors.

 We also offer glassware which like ceramics, are kiln fired, but at a lower temperature. The ink used for imprinting glass is a different chemistry from ceramic, so any existing setups you have for ceramics would not cover our glassware offerings. There are some great, relatively low-cost options in our high volume and satin etch glassware products.

Yes, all items are dishwasher safe; however, items that contain gold we recommend hand-washing to preserve the integrity of the gold.

If the item contains gold, it is NOT microwave safe.

The turnaround time for orders with new custom images is 4-6 weeks from the date of payment. For returning customers, the turnaround time is 10-15 business days.

Rush orders will be assessed a fee of 20% of the orders subtotal. Rush orders will be moved to the front of the line and completed within 5 business days. Not available on orders requiring new artwork setups.